Our work and effort has already been recognized:


  VERONAFIERE awarded PIEDRA FÓSIL at the 6th international gala 'ARCHITECTURE IN STONE' for the best architectural project in stone.
Project: City Hall of Murcia, Spain
Architect: Rafael Moneo
Date: 1998


The Almorquí, a stone of historical value used in important buildings, restorations, monuments and sculptures.

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Works and restorations of special interest with some of the materials that we offer.

Restoration of the Cartagena Roman Theatre by Rafael Moneo.

Cartagena Roman Museum by Rafael Moneo.

Luxury Housing Estate in Yantai (China).

Inside restoration of the Roman Bridge in Cordoba by Juan Cuenca Montilla.

Restoration of the inside pillar in Sevilla Cathedral.


Other works carried out with some of the materials we offer.

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